The Initiation

Return to Source, Receive More, Live In Joy

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The Initiation

Return to Source, Receive More, Live In Joy

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What is The Initiation?


A foundational training that initiates you into a more powerful energy and healing journey.

Through Lynne's gentle attunement, you'll learn to connect with your higher self energy where your light and truth reside.

By working alongside Source frequencies, you'll expand your higher purpose connection to the Divine Feminine realm and power in the world.

Ultimately you will become a powerful attractor and guide yourself towards living the most joyful life EVER!


What's Included In The Initiation?

It is delivered in simple yet powerful videos where you'll receive higher frequencies, healing and guidance.

A sacred soul journey. With deep self-inquiry, healing meditations and my exquisite energy practices.

All trainings are recorded and the replays will be available in your exclusive members portal.

Why Join The Initiation?



➕  Your energy is an untapped resource that is literally costing you your power, true spiritual Universal connection and blocking you from living your highest purpose.

➕  It’s likely that you’re being spiritually called to this work. It may not make sense but something is being sparked deep within you that feels like part of a higher plan.

➕ You’re naturally curious about energy and healing, and excited to live a fuller life of richness and joy that will naturally open you up to receive more.


Is This You?

The last goal you hit, personal or business related, felt incredible at the time, but that feeling didn’t last. You know you're being invited into higher realms of initiation.

Your energy gets depleted fast and you feel sensitive to those around you. It's fair to say you're highly empathic and yet to tap into your powerful gift.

The ways in which you self-sabotage, no matter what level you’re at, leave you feeling frustrated. Your depth of understanding on this planet is ready to be activated.

You struggle to understand your spiritual calling, life's true path and purpose. You're ready to see, sense and know this for yourself.

Some part of you denies yourself from receiving more in all areas, yet you know it’s possible because you hold huge desires within.

You do not follow the herd. You march to the beat of your own drum but desire to take full ownership of who you truly are and what your soul's mission is.

Life feels hard, even frustrating at times. Your subconscious core wounds run deep and even block you from reaching your fullest potential and highest vision.


You know you're being invited into higher realms of initiation.

Hi, I'm Lynne

Working with subtle energy and healing frequencies shifted my reality in ways I could never imagine.

I own my power as an entrepreneur.

My personal relationships flourish.

I hold sacred space in service to others as a highly conscious channel.

My sensitivity to energy, emotions and truth are now my gifts.

I’ve harnessed this spiritual shift to receive more and to live a joyful, fulfilled life.

Has this been easy? No! But let me share why this had to happen.

I was an overachiever, straight-A student and a goody-two-shoes.

I aimed to please everyone and it cost me important aspects like my innate power, my certainty and happiness.

I placed all my value on things outside of myself, to the detriment of how I felt.

Back in 2014, I was navigating a huge life transition where anxiety and wanting to hide became my normal.

I fell victim to myself and tormented myself incessantly until I felt the guidance to Google, ‘how to meditate’.

I learned how to meditate and quiet my mind, bringing healing to anxiety and peace to myself.

I fell into a period of awakening, becoming attuned to higher frequencies. I indulged in self-healing and nurtured myself deeply. My conscious awareness and sensitivity to energy soared.

This very personal deep dive opened me up spiritually, emotionally and energetically. I began to feel, know and sense truth on the deepest level.

I work with your higher self energy and connect you back to Source so that you become a vessel for higher energies to flow through you. This is the most natural thing in the world for you to learn.


The Teachings


Expand Your Energy

What exactly is your energy? How do you feel it and connect with it?

As a multidimensional being of the light, your energy practice is a fundamental foundation that will enable you to thrive unconditionally and stabilize yourself more often. No matter what life throws at you, you will remain unwavering.

You’ll initiate a powerful connection with your higher self or soul energy. You'll receive your truth, feel your authentic nature and allow yourself to become spiritually higher attuned.


Plug Energy Leaks

Imagine filling the bath only to discover it was unplugged!

Your energy field can leak in many places causing physical and emotional symptoms. Especially if you are empathic or sensitive to energy. You could feel drained, exhausted, overwhelmed or frustrated, bitter or angry due to debris within your space.

It’s vital to seal these leaks so that your frequency soars and you feel less impacted by outside influences, people, and circumstances.

You’ll learn how to identify energy leaks and eradicate them from your physical and energetic space.


Energetic Alignment

Your alignment is attained through healing and supporting your emotional state. It’s not always easy to reach aligned energetic states due to beliefs, trauma, wounds, DNA, circumstances, past experiences, ancestral patterns, and energetic clutter that gets in the way.

You’ll learn how to know if you are energetically aligned with something and what red flags to look for. Together, we'll activate your personal power so that you stay in alignment longer for sustainable self-growth.


Decode Core Wounds

Even though you’ve experienced personal or business success, you reiterate familiar patterns that subconsciously loop in habits of sabotage, block you from receiving more or cut off your connection.

These are your core wounds. They will continue to impact your energy until you learn to lovingly heal them.

I’ll guide you to discover your core wounds and heal them so they no longer have control over your life.


Monetise Your Energy

Your soul and energy hold powerful information that can guide you to your spiritual highest purpose and path which, when fully embodied, is your earthly supply of money.

The world is resource-rich and money is attracted into your field by you holding an energy, a knowing and a faith that allows money to flow, without blocking it.

Learn my secrets to attracting higher-paying clients ($30k-$100k) and activate your soul's natural abundant state.


Sovereign Energy

Women are born to flow, to be in surrender, and to orient back to their Source.

Similar to Mother Earth, women are self-renewing, here to remember, to be mysterious, to melt into life, and to receive more than ever before.

Learn to connect to the Divine Feminine realm of sovereign energy and unlock seriously loving frequencies, wisdom and power within yourself. 

Why Work With Lynne?

Lynne Taggart is a wisdom keeper, exceptional teacher and highly grounded spiritual channel for modern women.

She will teach you how to connect to your highest, most authentic soul's path.

Through lessons of her own spiritual awakening journey, she has served women all over the World who crave inner freedom, truth, prosperity and joy.

Lynne is a multi-hyphenate co-creator in life and business, with energy and healing at the core.

"Energy is a precious resource that you can gain insight from at any moment. When energy is ignored, it blocks your natural flow and causes stagnation throughout your life and business." Lynne 





I invite you to begin your energy and healing journey.

Your life will become easier and more joyful. You will return to your Source, where all power resides. And you'll remember the realm of the Divine Feminine where so much magic is birthed.

If you’re ready to dedicate yourself to your energy, healing and spiritual growth, then please keep reading.



➕ Access to The Initiation (Worth $3333)

➕ Access to the members portal and all replay trainings (Worth $1111)

➕ Connection to Lynne's community and sacred space (Priceless)




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➕ Access to The Initiation (Worth $3333)

➕ One-hour private session with Lynne (Worth $3333) 

➕ Connection to Lynne's community and sacred space (Priceless)

➕ Access to the members portal and all replay trainings (Worth $1111)




Savings of $3333


THE VIP $4444



Enrolment Closes August 31st 2021










Note From Lynne 


As this is the first time I'm hosting this program, I can't share client testimonials with you but the beauty of this is you'll get to help me co-create the program, make it amazing for others, and have an impact that truly transforms women all over the globe.

For other client transformations, please visit my website or the checkout pages above.


If you have any further questions please email [email protected]

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