Your Deepest Feminine Magic


Activate the divine feminine within, so that you reawaken your true power and reconnect to who you've always been.


A sacred feminine course with Lynne Taggart. 

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Your Deepest Feminine Magic


 Invoke Greater Divine Feminine Energy For Radical Inner Transformation, Self Potency & Power.


An online sacred course with Lynne Taggart.

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What Is Reawaken?



Reawaken is a brand new online course, really an energetic experience that will support you to awaken to deeper aspects of the divine feminine within you.

Deeper than heart-awakening, Reawaken will take you on a journey further into your soul.

It will allow you to embody the divine feminine who is wise beyond reason or logic.

It's a place where you can reclaim the parts of you that have been suppressed or been dormant and that hold the keys to your biggest inner transformation and living your best life.

When you activate this energy within you, your outer world has no choice but to shift and realign to the new levels of power that you embody.




I know that this type of work is not normal, it's highly sacred. But as a woman looking to thrive it's your birthright to reclaim and invite the divine feminine within so that you release everything that isn't true, aligned or in your highest good.


From ancestral patterns, to karmic agreements, to past lives or personality defaults, whatever it is that you know holds you back, must no longer be welcome in your field.


Where you're going doesn't require the heavy baggage. It asks for your potency, inner wisdom and natural gifts to come online.


This path or journey isn't easy but it brings such a sense of aliveness, excitement and connection that's undeniably magnetic.


Reawaken Is For You If:


✔️ You're ready to be fully embodied in the deep inner magic that whispers to you from within. This is your ultimate freedom reclaimed after possibly years of feeling disconnected, anxious or burned out by doing so much to achieve more.


✔️ You're being called to surrender to your truest innermost power and remember all of who you came here to be. So that the places, people or events where you lost your power, no longer have any influence over your life.


✔️ You're ready to heal what's deeply buried within you or to break through cycles and patterns that must end for you to truly walk your highest life path and fulfil your potential.


✔️ You're no longer willing to wait on your next level of success. You're desiring more now, ready to claim success and living life on your terms.


✔️ Success, financial freedom and time freedom matter to you but only when you are fully aligned and intuiting your way forward.



Is Reawaken For You?

Watch this video to find out!




What's Included In Reawaken?

Reawaken is an online course, but I'm calling it an energetic experience. It's more than just a course which is typically knowledge.

Its sacred embodiment practice and soul inquiry, bridging the gap between mind-body-soul, what's missing from many high level containers.


The content will be hosted in your private member's area where you can access it in your own time.

Having served many women over many hours, for almost a decade, I know how to hold powerful space for your transformation in the highest good for all. 

You're in the best hands and energy possible when it comes to this level of work. My level of commitment to myself to hold this space is unwavering.


Here's What To Expect

Powerful videos where you'll receive my guidance, healing and support throughout.

This is a soul journey that is pre-recorded so that you can dive into it in your own sacred space and time.

With embodiment practices and my intuitive insights and shares, Reawaken will serve you deeply to invite in divine feminine energies, so you heal and awaken your deepest magic within.

Recorded Q&A from questions that were submitted by members of Reawaken.


Reawaken Outline

Here's an outline of what we will journey through.

I'm trusting that this is exactly what's needed and in the highest expression and service to all who join. 


Welcome, Creating Sacred Space & Opening Circle to prepare you to get the most from this course.

The Enlightened Feminine Path

What it means to walk the enlightened feminine path and how it can change your world to bring you into your highest expression of self.

Embodiment Practice

Inviting in the Divine Feminine, your sacred embodiment practice that forms the basis of this work.

Plus best energetic practice to fully hold these higher frequencies.

Exploring The Divine Feminine

This is the 'meat' of our work together.

Powerful alchemical work that deserves to reside within our sacred space.

This invitation is what your soul will feel called to in order to deepen your embodiment.

Closing Circle

Closing sacred circle and getting clear on your next steps.

What Clients Are Saying

“I got clarity around how much I need to protect my energy and how connected to the higher vibration I am in life. I have more confidence and belief in my intuitive self and connection to Source and the energies I feel and attract.

It is really all about trusting my knowing and fine tuning my connection to the knowing.

If you are ready to trust the unseen and increase your energetic vibration for where you are wanting to go, then Lynne is the guide for you.”



"My energy care practices went from basically nonexistent to exponentially great. I know I can be with and give space to my emotions and fear and be ok and even great.

You will certainly get exactly what will most benefit you, and in the most loving, supportive and safe way.”



What's Possible With This Work?

So much is possible for you.

Being in this energy enables you to release and let go of what isn't the truth of you.

Anything that feels heavy, ego-driven, low frequency or that disrupts your flow.

Patterns, behaviours, ancestral conditioning, energetic blocks and so much more.

This extremely high frequency energy has the ability to alchemise it all.

You will release, heal, purify and clear what isn't serving you.

So you finally feel free of what holds you back time and time again.

Empowering you to step fully into your greatness and power from a place of love, self acceptance and fully owning your gifts.


So that you trust yourself and the divine in you even more as a powerful intuitive guide.

Allowing true soul-body-mind connection.

Giving way to your highest path to create, fullest truest expression of self and your most powerful manifestations to actualise.


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Meet Lynne Taggart


As the CEO of her own holistic brand, Lynne offers innovative healing and mentorship to women leaders and high achievers across the globe to journey deep within themselves and cultivate personal expansion and greater success.


After searching for many years for modalities and practices that would solve the problems she was familiar with, Lynne finally forged her own path.


Lynne’s mission is to awaken women to their absolute fullest potential in this lifetime.


Lynne has ten years experience studying, practicing and embodying energy healing, emotional healing, embodied feminine leadership, business energetics, meditation and mind-body-soul connection.

With a global following of over 10,000 she is highly revered in this field and is one of the only women in Europe to embody this work.

Lynne is currently featured in the Tatler Address Book, global publications including Goss Magazine, numerous podcasts and guest interviews.



If you have any further questions please email [email protected]

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