The Healer

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The Healer program is a new live group program for coaches, mentors or healers who want to be fully seen & heard as a highly gifted healer & get well paid accordingly. 


Within this program I'll be sharing things like: 

  •  Energy ethics. Best practice for your energy and energy work with clients.
  •  The ethereal body and it's key role.
  •  Intuitive healing. You are the healer. Moving past using only a healing modality OR YOU being the healer.
  •  Dismantling the ego so that you can be a clear conscious channel for Source to work through.
  •  Decoding your own healing & using your NATURAL gifts fully.




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What People Are Saying:

The Healer program has helped me to reclaim a part of me that I didn’t even know I had shamed and rejected. It’s also freed me to explore more of that side of me and let that infuse my work. It’s like a fresh breath of air that is seeping into everything and bringing something new to light. I am excited to uncover how this is going to show up more and more in my life and in my client work. What a powerful experience! Thanks so much Lynne


I wanted to share my learnings from THE HEALER program: I have taken healing modality programs and other healing courses but this one blew me away. I felt like I was down in a deep dark well and Lynne reached down and pulled me out! This felt like a home coming of sorts. I have always known I was a healer. But I saw it as a doing more than a being. This program/course showed me that being a healer was that. I AM. It’s about me being that and recognizing that embodying my archetype is not optional or something I turn on and off. That is who I am. I felt more and more of that becoming the being as the course went along. The energetic practices at the beginning and the end were all well explained and I felt the integration upon practice. I have been doing similar work but this again was not just about doing. This is what we do as healers. We take care of ourselves and others in these ways. My interactions have changed. As soon as I gave back people’s energy and took mine back I instantly witnessed a shift in the energy of our interactions. Thank you Lynne. This was so beautifully led. I struggle in spaces that are not culturally inclusive but your energy transcended that. Your spirit spoke to my spirit and they probably care less about cultural differences. Haha. Thank you girl. I will always come back to these teachings for deeper integration!


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