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About Lynne

Lynne’s introduction to entrepreneurship began in her early twenties when she had a valuable role as a buyer in a multi-million pound fashion company. She traveled to Europe’s fashion hotspots and was involved in launching new stores, managing stock and liaising with suppliers.

Lynne’s next natural step was to open her own retail fashion shop, where she grew a loyal following, online social media presence and online shop.

Despite success in fashion, she craved more and was organically led into self development, high performance coaching and elite mentorship.

Lynne has grown an online global luxury mentorship company that serves entrepreneurial high achieving women and HNW clientele.

She supports them to enrich their mindset, to achieve any goal or dream and to move beyond all their self-imposed limitations.

Lynne’s gifts enable her to intuitively feel where you hold greater potential, reveal your hidden treasure and to guide you powerfully to your next level of success.

Lynne has been closely mentored by incredible teachers and mentors. She continues to invest in her own mentorship as she too has huge dreams for her life and business.

Whether you're looking to elevate your existing business, to create a luxurious bespoke service, to achieve a big goal, to step into a new self image, to host a luxury event or to pivot your existing business, Lynne can support you with your mindset, your self belief, to achieve even more and to excel in any area that's close to your heart.

Work WIth Lynne

How Can Lynne Support You?

Luxury Mentorship

Bespoke Mentorship

Lynne will work with you in a way that will support your desired objectives, either in-person or online over an agreed period of time. Using her 8+ years of mentorship experience with HNW individuals, CEO's and business owners Lynne can help you to achieve more, reach your next level of success, income or to win your next big contract.

Long Term Mentorship

As a VIP client Lynne will work with you long term, giving you priority in her diary and ensuring that your every need is met as you settle into mentorship, move towards your goals and take greater action. Knowing that you have this level of support by your side will encourage you to go the extra mile. This can be online, in-person or a mix of both.

Event Support

Lynne knows how stressful events can be and how important they are to your business and brand growth. Having her right beside you, to support and mentor you before, during and post event ensures that you remain calm, focused and at your peak level of performance, mentally and emotionally, from start to finish. 

Why Mentorship?

Mentorship supports you to achieve more than ever before, to feel completely fulfilled as you accomplish your goals and to keep growing in your awareness of who you are in yourself and what you believe you're capable of.

What Areas Can Lynne Support You With?

These include but are not limited to:

Inner Blocks

Lynne knows self sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm, burnout and a multitude of ways that women take themselves out of the game mentally and physically.

She can support you to identify your inner blocks and to swiftly remove these from your experience permanently.

Self Image

The mental image you hold of yourself contributes to your success. Lynne helps women to create a powerful self image that matches the goals, dreams and achievements they desire.

Creating this means you become unstoppable and limitless in what you perceive you can achieve.

Taking Action

Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren't prepared to do. This takes a certain mindset, discipline, daily habits and being intentional. But first you must eradicate anything that's stopping you from taking action. Then create the solution for you, so that you can move forward to generate momentum with ease.

Achieving A Big Goal

If you knew how to do it, you'd already have done it. Lynne will support you to align with your goal, to achieve it effortlessly and to collapse time around it. No goal, personal or professional is too big.

Event Support

Events, online or in-person, require a lot of energy at one time. With Lynne by your side mentoring you, you can relax, knowing that you're fully supported mentally, physically and emotionally so that your performance and execution are your absolute best and you receive the results you desire.

Pivot Or Adjust

Not feeling fulfilled, or getting the results you know you're capable of? Lynne can help you to figure out your next moves, whether this is to pivot or make adjustments in your business. By prioritising your desires, creating a plan and taking action towards this, Lynne will walk side-by-side with you through the entire process.



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Work With Lynne

Lynne loves supporting women to achieve big goals while prioritising their happiness and ultimately to live beautiful lives.

Please get in touch to let us know what Lynne can support you with.

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